Equilibrium - Keeping Memories

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brygget i samarbejde med Keeping Together

- BLEND 1 -

Type: Farmhouse Ale 

Alkohol: 6 %

Størrelse: 750 ml.

Land: USA

Untappd: 4.12 -



Fra Bryggeriet:

Our first Solera beer, which uses fractional blending to generate an ale with a unique distribution of aged components. Every future batch will always have a part of B1 in it and the average age gradually increases over time with each blend, which will add an evolving complexity as the memory packets harmonize with the foeder oak and mixed culture of microorganisms. Keeping Memories pours a golden straw yellow with aromas of bright lemon zest, floral fields (that aren’t covered in 2 feet of snow), and a soft touch of oaky vanilla. After breaking through a creamy head, you’ll find crisp flavors of soft lemon, complex stone fruit, lime, grass, and vanilla oak in a creamy mouthfeel and a dry finish. The beer is elegant with a balanced acidity.


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