Bad Seed Brewing - Slice of Sunshine

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Type: Modern West Coast IPA

Alkohol: 7 %

Størrelse: 440 ml.

Land: Danmark

Untappd: 3.71


Beermatch's Noter:

Bad Seed og Slice of Sunshine er nomineret til årets bryggeri og årets udgivelse til Danish Beerbloggers awards, der bliver afholdt i Januar 2023 på Fanø Bryghus.

Fra Bryggeriet:

Slice of Sunshine is our first iteration of what we call the Modern West Coast IPA, where we combine classic trademarks of the West Coast IPA - bitterness, clarity and crisp malt profile - with hopping techniques and the aromatic focus of modern IPA's.

A light malt profile of only pilsner & dextrin malt, as light as it gets, combined with the clean bitterness from hop extract and a neutral US-ale yeast, makes a perfect canvas for the hops to play the main part.

Mosaic, Citra and Nelson Sauvin provide abundant zesty and sharp hop aromas of gooseberries, grape, pineapple and a lot of dankness, with an absolutely bursting hop flavor.

This is an IPA that we are super excited about, and is going to be a defining beer for the evolution of Bad Seed's hoppy offerings.