Bicycle Brewing - 800 Hours of Summer (Pleasanti Street Collab)

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Type: Hvedeøl (med Aprikos)

brygget i samarbejde med Pleasanti Street

Alkohol: 5,3 %

Størrelse: 330 ml.

Land: Danmark

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Fra Bryggeriet:

A fresh and fruity cold fermented wheat ale made with a combination of apricot puree and organic dried apricots

Brewer's Notes: We made this special beer with Patrick (the mastermind behind Pleasanti Street) for a very special occasion, his girlfriend Bettina's 30th birthday.

A fruity apricot wheat, it's the summer beer for the summer we didn't really have in July. The name has a few meanings, one an ironic tagline for the wettest July on record here in Denmark, also an inside joke with Bettina, who uses "800" anytime she wants to emphasize/ exaggerate the number of something, finally a tip of our hat to the movie of a similar name. Wow, that's a lot of content for 1 beer name :)

Ingredients: malted barley, malted wheat, spelt malt, flaked wheat, malted oats, apricot (puree and dried), hops and yeast